Natasha & Chris

May 2, 2021Austin, TX

Our Story
Chris and Tasha's Love Story

This is a story about how persistence in life and friendship will gift you with the opportunity of love. Your typical "Boy-meets- Girl" story with a twist.

Fourteen years ago, Natasha Daniel and Chris Cox first laid eyes on one another. It all started when Tasha's friend met Chris while he was at a bar Tasha was working at in Burbank, CA called Wokcano. Without Chris knowing, Tasha had told her friend that she thought Chris was cute and would like to meet him. He was over the moon and so excited to hear the news. All he wanted to do was to spend time with her. He couldn't believe a girl that beautiful had any interest in him. Chris counted down the days until he would go visit Tasha at work. As soon as he got there, he sat at the bar and Tasha turned around with a big smile, realizing it was him, and he smiled back. The sparks flew!!! He knew that he was going to end up with her. Unfortunately for Chris, Tasha did not share the same sentiment lol. She immediately made him her "Best Friend", or as Chris likes to put it... "I think she friend zoned me!" That didn't bother Chris too much, he always knew that she was the one. So he was willing to build their friendship in hopes they fall in love. Little did Chris know, Tasha was raised believing friendship was the key to a successful relationship. They were both 21 years old and still figuring out life.

Through out the years, they would develop a strong bond and support of one another in everything they would do. He also developed a friendship with her best friends and they too began to realize they were perfect together.

Eventually...Chris would move into the apartment building next door to where Tasha was living. Not across the street...or the next block over...but literally, right next door to where she lived. Believe it or not, this was a matter of circumstance. But, this was short lived as Tasha would move out a few weeks later.

Chris was bummed as he felt as if that was the shot he would have with her.....Until...

A year later, Chris received a phone call from Tasha explaining how she had been looking at a place in her old neighborhood...and then she went on to say that it might be in the SAME building that Chris was currently living. Once again, Chris played it "cool." He may or may not have went and talked to the building manager about what a great tenant she would make, lol. She eventually moved into that building, signing a year lease. Chris and Tasha were officially neighbors!

From that day forward, they lived directly one floor apart. With only a short elevator ride/14 step stair case apart, there was no way that these two weren't going to end up together.

In comes a little dog named, Jax. He was Tasha's baby. He was her everything and probably the coolest dog to ever exist. With Tasha and Jax being in a brand new building by themselves, it was only a matter of time until Tasha asked Chris for help with her dog while she was working. Chris and Jax were instant buds! From that point on, all three of them created a friendship that was unlike any other. Towards the end of Jax's days, he decided it was time to end all the games and bring Tasha and Chris together. They both like to think that Jax wanted them to be together, so he pretended to be sick on and off bringing them closer. He stuck around long enough to make sure they ended up together. They immediately realized how much they needed, and loved, one another.

After Jax played Cupid...Chris and Tasha were inseparable. They had finally found the love that they had always had for one another. They were head over heels for one another. The major component of their love is friendship. They are and will forever be best friends.

This love story is their love story, and they wouldn't have it any other way.

The Wedding

Sunday, May 2, 2021
4:00 PM - 10:30 PM
The Allan House
1104 San Antonio Street, Austin, TX, 78701
The Allan House
1104 San Antonio Street, Austin, TX 78701, USA